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The universities participating in the symposium are known for their history of producing breakthrough technologies in information technology, life science, and energy technology. Commercialization of these technologies leads to the formation of new businesses and, in some cases, entirely new industries, driving the innovation that fuels the U.S. economy. URES will feature presentations of the participating universities' most innovative technologies currently in development with the potential to form a new generation of startups.

Proposal Guidelines:
University officers will be responsible for submitting a proposal for each technology that is a candidate for presentation at the symposium. Each submission will include a brief description of the technology and its commercial potential, based on the submission form provided below. It is expected that each university will submit 8-12 proposals of their most promising technologies in development and available for license.

URES 2012 Energy-IT Proposal Submission Guidelines
URES 2012 Life Science Proposal Submission Guidelines

If you have any questions about proposal submissions please e-mail

The deadline to submit proposals is February 15, 2012.

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